Welcome to The VA Handbook

There’s a lot of information on becoming a Virtual Assistant out there and you’re probably already in a bit of a pickle by the time you’ve reached this site:

  • You’re confused as to whether you could cut it as a VA
  • You’re not completely sure what being a VA involves, what your niche could be or how to get clients
  • You’re not even sure where to find this stuff out
  • You’re not certain if and when you should leave your job and just go for it
  • You’re worried you’re going to mess it up and wind up penniless in the workhouse
  • You’ve already read a ton of information and your head is about to explode
  • You’re probably completely over-thinking the whole thing

Don’t worry. You’ve found my site and everything is going to be ok.

Your search is over. Here you’ll find everything you need from how to set up your Virtual Assistant business, advice on how to work better once you’re established, tutorials so you can pick up new skills and expand your niche, and further resources to help you become the most talented, sought after VA on the block.

This site is for you if:

  • You don’t like following rules or the herd
  • You zig when everyone else zags
  • You’re new skool not old skool
  • You want to create your own future and not have it dictated to you

How to use the site

Because there’s a lot of information on the site and people are at different stages in setting up their business, I want it to be really easy for you to find what you need without having to trawl through the whole thing.

So just use the category section or search box in the sidebar, or simply look at the complete list of all my blog posts below then click on the article you want to read.



Setting up

Why there has never been a better time to be a VA
Why you should become a Virtual Assistant
How to become a Virtual Assistant
Are you cut out to be a Virtual Assistant?
Qualities every VA needs to have
15 blunt truths about what it means to be a Virtual Assistant
Advice for newbies from experienced VAs
10 things they don’t tell you about working for yourself
TEST: 3 example VA tasks for you to try
How to go from PA to VA in just 3 months
How to choose your niche
How to decide what services you should offer
30 Virtual Assistant services you could offer
How to get testimonials when you’re just starting out
When to leave your job to be a full time Virtual Assistant
How to prepare even if you’re still working full time

Money and legal

How to set your rates
How to invoice and get paid
How to raise your hourly rate
How to improve your pricing strategy and mindset
How to handle late paying clients
Legal contracts and policies you need to have
Should your client sign a contract?
GDPR and data protection (you need to comply with this stuff!)
Do Virtual Assistants need insurance?
What UK VAs need to know about Tax and National Insurance
How I keep my own financial records
Common VA scams and how to avoid them
Should Virtual Assistants display their rates on their website?

Websites and branding

Should Virtual Assistants display their rates on their website?
Things you need to consider when setting up your Virtual Assistant website
How and where to host your WordPress website
Is your website an abomination?
How to drive traffic to your VA website
Do you need a blog and what should you write about?
How to decide what to call your Virtual Assistant business
Things to consider when designing your logo

Marketing and finding work

The 3 best ways to find your first client
25 ways to market your Virtual Assistant business

How to get awesome clients
How to write a great LinkedIn profile
Three LinkedIn message templates
Virtual Assistants reveal their first client (and how they got them)
Virtual Assistants reveal who their last client was (and how they got them)
20 ways Virtual Assistants can rock Twitter
How to network
How to write a Virtual Assistant elevator pitch
Do freelancing job sites work for Virtual Assistants?
Associate work: your questions answered
The types of tasks I give my own VA
6 common business card mistakes and how to avoid them

Client management

How to manage your time when you have multiple clients
How to avoid time-waster clients
How to manage different types of clients
The biggest blunder of my VA career
What to do when a potential client doesn’t know what they need you for
How and when to fire a client

Learn and develop

How to use a time tracker to record client work
How to share your computer screen using Skype
Tips for managing emails and multiple email accounts
This service will earn you a great income throughout your career
How a SWOT analysis will help you overcome any challenges you may encounter
How to use Pinterest to collaborate with your clients
20 ways to prepare your business for the coming year
How to chase invoices for your clients
Why joining a Mastermind or Accountability group will make you a better VA
These are the books that have helped my freelance career
How Virtual Assistants manage childcare
How to decide what laptop to buy
Can a VA just work on a Chromebook?

Motivational stuff

The best things about being a VA
Answers to every worry you have
Say no to the naysayers!
How to answer every naysayer you’ll ever meet – including yourself!
Read this then just set up your business already!
3 incredible life-changing VA stories
Read interviews with new and established VAs
Watch short videos from new VAs
Why I celebrate my business birthday and you should too
Don’t confuse your skills with your personality
What story are you telling yourself?
I love my Mum but…

My life – it’s all about me!

20 random things you don’t know about me
My decision hack will change your life
Business books that have helped my career
My own Virtual Assistant story
What my workspaces look like
How I survive winter without frostbite, fractures or a massive heating bill

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