life-changing VA stories

Three incredible life-changing VA stories

I’m sure you’ve heard me say a billion times how important it is not to sleepwalk through life and fail to do anything with it. We only get one so it’s important to own it. But just in case you want to know what happens to those who do take action and practical steps towards creating the life they want, this post is for you.

These are just three of the incredible emails I get from readers of this website and trainees on my DIY VA course whose lives have changed for the better.

All three people have given their permission for their emails and names to be published in full although I would prefer to keep their names private.

Amazing email 1

Hi Jo,

I just wanted to drop you a line to inflate your ego a bit! 😉  And to do that I need to share something not very many people know…

I finished working almost 3 years ago to have my first son; the maternity leave was fun, I made some really good Mummy friends and then when he was 5 months old I unexpectedly found myself pregnant again.

I wasn’t ready for another baby so soon and from that moment on I haven’t really felt myself – I felt out of control, unprepared and like this wasn’t my plan. I felt guilty for ending my first’s baby years so soon – he had to be the big brother now and at 14 months old he was still a baby himself.  I felt like I’d taken something precious away from him and I could never give it back.

When he arrived, of course, I loved him and had that fiercely protective instinct, but it was different.  He wasn’t an easy baby, he didn’t settle, he didn’t sleep, he wouldn’t take a bottle and I constantly felt like I needed a break.

We moved to a new area 10 days before he was born and I don’t think I’ve ever felt more alone than in the first year of his life.

He turned 1, things got easier and I decided that it was time – I HAD to do something for me.

That’s when I signed up for the DIY course. 

I’ve been stalking the website for a year or so on and off and I knew I’d need a bit of hand-holding along the way. I convinced my husband that this was what I needed and thankfully he agreed.  From that moment on, I haven’t looked back.

The course/website/toolkit is incredible and I visit it at least once a day.  You and the ace trainee Facebook group are the most supportive bunch of people I’ve ever come across.

I am sitting here now, on my lunch break, from WORKING, and I just had a sort of ‘this is it’ moment.  That I’m really doing this, I am a VA, I own a business, I will make myself a successful career doing the things I love.

In just a month I’ve gone from ‘I want to do this’ to ‘I can’t fit any more work in at the moment’. 

All of this, from the girl who used to answer the register at primary school by whispering in the teacher’s ear, because she was too shy to speak in front of everyone.

I’m so bloody proud of how far I’ve come.

So, I just had to tell you that you really do change people’s lives and make them feel AWESOME.  So thank you for doing what you do, and helping us get on and do what we do. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Amazing email 2

Hi Jo,

I just wanted to send a quick thank you for pointing me in the right direction (along with many others!). I didn’t want to post this on the trainee Facebook group as I didn’t want to appear as bragging but my first 2 months have gone amazingly well.

I have put a lot of effort in – which you do have to do to be fair, a bit of networking out of my comfort zone, lots of learning, etc but I am so happy I took the plunge.

Life is really, really good right now.

Even with an ar*hole husband telling me I haven’t brought home as much money as I was – 2 days later I got 2 new clients and banked £550 – up yours, husband!!!

I’ve had no encouragement or support from my husband whatsoever and I think he’d quite like me to fail actually but it is only making me even more determined to succeed.

The best part is I am absolutely loving it and the stress from my employed job has gone. Yes, there’s a different kind of stress but nothing like what it has been. It’s also such a fabulous feeling when someone comes to you and wants you for what you can do for them, isn’t it?

Soon I will be able to be self-sufficient and on my way after many miserable years of marriage… so a big thank you!

Amazing email 3

Hi Jo,

I’m going to post this in the Rock Stars Facebook group but I wanted to tell you first because you have been so instrumental, both practically and emotionally.

Last December I started to educate myself in the business of becoming a VA. I’d done the work for many, and have a part-time job I love as an office manager, but I needed full time and more money. I had a strict deadline for the beginning of October 2016. At that time, I knew I’d need to evaluate where I was and if the money and clients were there, I’d need to find full-time work somehow (single mom, three fantastic kiddos).

This past week, I signed two huge clients. They each need about 12-15 hours a week, and with my ad hoc clients, I am at capacity. On September 30th I signed the second of the two: literally hours before my self-imposed deadline.

There’s been a certain amount of luck in this whole journey, but more than that, it has been consistent work – research, learning, talking, interviewing, failing, some great wins, some mistakes, some serious anxiety and some real satisfaction.

I’ve had cancer twice, I am intensely aware that we are not guaranteed anything in life.

The fact that I can choose who I work with and for, and that I can kiss my kids the minute they walk in the door are powerful motivators.

Last month, I had to be hospitalized for a week. I checked in with my clients, and let them know that my replies might be slightly delayed. Rather than an irritated boss, loss of money, stress at the work I couldn’t address, I came home to a beautiful flower arrangement sent by two clients, and a hot meal delivery service sent by another.

When I signed the second of the two clients, I called one of my best friends, who is a life coach. She asked me “knowing what you know now, what would you tell yourself 10 months ago?” I told her that I would say “If you decide that this IS going to happen, it WILL. Just keep working.”

She then said, “Ok, think about what you want to happen in the next 10 months and apply that thought.”

Thank you for being there every day, at every turn and thank you, Jo, for creating the environment where so much positivity exists all of the time. It’s rare and wonderful.


I actually get emails like this all the time – obviously, these are three very extreme examples, but I thought it was important to show you what a difference a change in career and direction can have on someone’s life.

Going freelance is not a decision to make lightly and nor is it easy – you have to be 100% committed or else you will fail. But that applies to most things as I’m sure you know.

But if you do decide it’s for you, it will change your entire life.

Inspired to start your own journey?

If you want to set up your own VA business and change your life just as these 3 incredible women did, then sign up for my DIY VA course.

With lifetime access and an incredible trainee-only support group, you’ll be a confident business owner in no time.



Kait Knights Edgar

Lovely emails.??
As just starting out have my three beautiful children for encouragement but feel anxious about my abilities. All the lovely people make an enormous difference ??

Laura cooke

Amazing to read these, I can relate to all of them in some way! I was made redundant on maternity leave. Feeling very ready now to grab this with both hands ASAP! X (still laughing at the second one).


I laughed so hard at the second email and so enjoyed her success and all of their success stories, although it took grit and determination on their part they have come through it thanks to you, Jo,in large part. We all need support in life and your teachings are some of the most encouraging I have found and I have read many.

Ilene Abrams

Beautiful and so inspirational. Thank you Jo for sharing these amazing stories and for motivating us to reach for our dreams.


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