Create a working life you love that fits around your family and works for YOU for a change by setting up and running your own Virtual Assistant business.

All my knowledge and experience (as well as my heart and soul) has gone into this DIY course which covers everything you need to create and run a successful VA business.

Stop thanklessly slogging your guts out working for someone else when you can do exactly the same tasks on your own terms for more money!


Establishing niche and services

Exactly how to analyse your CV to identify your skill set, niche and services and to ascertain who might need your services. 

Money and legal

How to set a good freelance rates, how to invoice and get paid, sorting a business bank account, data protection, paying tax, and insurance.


How to write your LinkedIn profile so it leads to paid work, as well as how to use it to find, research, qualify and contact potential clients.

Creating your brand

How to decide and establish your personal brand from your company name and logo, to what you should write on your VA website. 

Finding work

How to land your first client as well as how to confidently promote your business in order to get continuous and ongoing work going forward.

The future

How to manage your business once you're set up. Managing multiple clients, time management, VA life and help to stay on track.

Secret Facebook group

A highly interactive Facebook group with live Q&A sessions, a business book club, a buddy/mentor scheme, feedback sessions and local meetups.

Templates and discounts

Every single document and template you'll ever need as well as big discounts on my other training courses so you can add to your skill set. 


Are any of your other downloads and courses included when I buy this? 
Yes, you get all my smaller downloads and templates as well as my Guide on How to Get Clients. The first section is the same as my mini series on how to work out your niche so don't buy both!
You don't get free access to the Minute Taking, WordPress, Marketing, pricing, or email marketing courses. You also don't receive any legal docs, but you do get special discount codes for all of them.

Can I still be a VA if I don't have a PA or admin background?
My own background was actually hospitality and events so I'm living proof that the answer is yes! Although I had basic admin skills, the idea is that you provide virtual ASSISTANCE, which doesn't necessarily mean having advanced secretarial skills. Most clients can do the admin themselves, they just don't have the time.

Course trainees always came under two categories: those who have an admin/PA/EA background and those with a completely different working background such as media, marketing, HR, health, finance etc. The great thing about the second category is that you can provide admin as well as specialist business support to professionals in the industry in which you worked. You're valuable because you know their challenges, pitfalls, terminology, and timeframes, as well as what needs doing, how, when and why.

Do I have any access to you?
Although I don't offer one-to-one consultations, you do get access to a secret trainee-only Facebook group call the Rock Stars. I'm very active in this group and I hold popular (and fun) monthly Facebook Live Q&A sessions.

What else happens in the Rock Stars Facebook group?
Loads of things! There's a Friday 'Coffee Morning' where we discuss our week (I then record a video with my thoughts and advice), a 'Buddy up' scheme where you get to chat with another member of the group each month, a quarterly business book club, and regular local meet ups. You also have access to a marketing expert and a lawyer, and any work enquiries I receive are also posted in this group.

Does the course expire and do I have to do it within a set period of time?
No to both questions. You have lifetime access to the course so you can start when you like and dip in and out of it whenever you want. You can whizz through the course and get clients within a couple of months (many people do), but you can also take longer should you choose to do so.

Do you offer any payment plans?
I do indeed. If you click any of the pink payment buttons, you'll see the options available to you. 

How do I access the course once I've bought it?
The course is hosted on a private courses website. Once you click to buy, you'll immediately receive an email with your login details so you can instantly access the site and start working through all the sections. Check your spam folder if you don't receive your login details within an hour. The login email will go to the email address you use to buy the course. 

Can I do this course if I don't live in the UK?
There are people from all over the world already on this course as the training is not dependant on you being in a specific location. The course is solely focused on how to get set up and find clients.

Can I see what lessons are included in the course? 
You can indeed. Just click on one of the big pink buttons and you'll be taken to the website where the course is located. There you will see payment plan options and all the different sections and lessons.

I see you have a load of testimonials below, but can I see any more before I buy?
Yes! I actually have so many testimonials that I had to create another page for them
(Two out of the five shortlisted finalists for the UK VA of the Year 2018 had taken this course btw... ) 

I have a few more questions...
No problemo. Email and ask away.


"When I bought Jo’s DIY course I have to admit it was a “close my eyes and click” moment. I was pretty sure I wanted to be a VA but I wasn't convinced… until I signed up. Within half an hour of receiving my login details and welcome email I knew I'd made the right decision. The way Jo writes makes you feel like she's there in the room with you, talking you through every stage (and telling you off when you start to doubt!). She immediately instills confidence.

I had no idea what my niche was or what I wanted it to be and it took me about a week to get my head around it. The magic thing about the DIY course is that all the answers are in there, you just have to adapt them to your style and personality.

I followed Jo’s course to the T – I knew this was my time to shine and I wasn’t about to waste my money. Within days of completing the DIY course (I also bought the LinkedIn course) and publishing my LinkedIn profile I had my first client. To say I was shocked is an understatement. I already had a return on the money that I’d spent and it had only taken 6 weeks!

For some reason though, I felt like I wasn’t worthy of taking someone’s money to do something that came so easy to me and I had a bit of a wobble to Jo. She basically told me to pull myself together and get on with it, which is exactly what I did and I am now in a position where I actually don’t need any more clients for the time being. 

She will kill me for saying this BUT, I owe my new found confidence and my wonderful new business to Jo and her DIY VA course. I ABSOLUTELY wouldn’t have done this if it wasn’t for her. She’s a business woman, a mentor, a coach and a teacher and I am so glad I found her site!

If you’re in doubt, lacking in confidence or just going off track and need a supportive push in the right direction then take the course, you won’t be disappointed!"