This service will earn you great money throughout your VA career

Taking minutes will earn you a fantastic income throughout your entire VA career

I often meet up with another VA called Rachel Brown. I’ve known her for years now and we often get together for a chat. We discuss how our businesses are doing, our plans for the future and see how each other is getting on. But when Rachel said she makes an absolute killing from minutes taking, I was intrigued and wanted to know more… loads more! 

Rachel is very much a traditional PA and spends a lot of time with clients as she really enjoys the interaction and building client relationships – plus she can often identify extra work just by physically being in their offices.

One of her main services is minute taking and I couldn’t believe my ears when she told me that it’s such a highly valued, scarce and sought-after skill that she can charge £30 an hour for doing it – and that people in London charge up to £40!

Apparently loads of organisations including voluntary and community groups (Girl Guides, Brownies, Scouts and even flower arranging societies) like to have their minutes taken by an impartial PA and right to manage (RTM) companies legally need to record theirs.

The demand for minute takers is so high because hardly anyone knows how to do it!

I know many of my trainees don’t like taking minutes so aren’t offering it as a service, but I think that doing it as part of their job has just put them off and they’re missing out on a guaranteed income each month. You don’t have to do minutes every single day, but maybe just once or twice a week/month if you like.

It’s then regular work and you can rely on the income.

Rachel says the demand is so high that she could do this one task day and night. I know that no other VA in our area offers it as a service so we all pass any enquiries we get on to her. She has the local area sewn up actually and says she gets calls from all over the UK from people looking for a minute taker.

I was so impressed that a VA could make this kind of regular money from just one service that I pestered Rachel for well over a year to make a training course for me.

And she finally did gawd bless her.

About the minute taking course

  • It’s been tested by experienced and new minute takers alike and then perfected based on their feedback.
  • It’s perfect for non-techies who want to offer a more traditional premium secretarial skill.
  • You can learn how to do it in just half a day.
  • Unlike a one-day onsite course, this course is online so you can keep referring back to it time and time again.
  • Minute taking never dates so whatever you learn will serve you throughout your whole career and wherever you go.
  • I even tell you where to find potential clients and provide a customisable prospect email template you can send to them!

“This course is revolutionary! The information you gain with the downloadable PDFs and FAQs are priceless. Easy to follow and explanatory, this is a great course for those who have never taken minutes and excellent as a refresher for those who have. This is one minute taking course I highly recommend because it covers everything you need to know.” Valerie Hay

CLICK HERE to find out more about what the course involves, read testimonials and discover how you can rake in the money by offering it as one of your services.

Rachel provided her VA story for my interview section and you can read more about her journey here.


m. k. k

halo. how do i present minutes for a job interview? my company like detailed minutes they want to see it on paper the kind of question asked to the applicant and the answer that is given by the applicant. how do i go about this especially if the questions are over 15 and the candidates are 2 or 3?

Vicky Fox

I’m definitely offering this as a service ?. I do it as part of my current job which I finish in February to become a full time VA. Notes of meetings can be very under rated, but if done properly can form essential parts of evidence for bigger things!!!


Hello, I live in the US, and was wondering if there was as high of a demand for this service over here? I’ve never done it before, but would love to learn. Do you also know if this course is open to US residents?

Joanne Munro

Hi Kim, the course is indeed open to US residents but I’m afraid I don’t know how much in demand the service is in the US. You would have to do some research but there are so many businesses that do need it in general. Rachel Brown (who wrote the training) answers the question of what kinds of businesses need minutes taking in this short video. You will then be able to see if you have those kinds of organisations. x


I love taking minutes so will definitely be offering this as a service when I’m full time VA’ing! If there’s anyone out there that doesn’t like it, shout!!


i don’t like taking minutes. maybe my listening skill is very bad or i’m just not good in composition. Help! but it’s part of my job. I’m planning to attend workshop or hire VA just to do this. 🙁


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