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How to get awesome clients

If you want to have a satisfying and fulfilling freelance career it’s really important to have clients that you enjoy working with – because there’s no point in leaving a (horribly unfulfilling, tedious but secure) full-time job to still be miserable at work! A great client is a rare and wonderful thing but not as… Read more »

How to manage difficult clients

Difficult clients can undermine your business, knock your confidence, feed your insecurity, make you doubt yourself and even make you start to hate freelancing – so it’s really important you know how to identify and manage all the different types. Remember that you work with your client, not for them so be proactive, steer the… Read more »

How to chase invoices for your clients

A good service to offer is credit control – i.e. chasing invoice payments. You might shudder at the thought of calling strangers to chase money, but it’s actually completely painless if you know what to say. Many small businesses and freelancers prefer to outsource this task because it creates a buffer between them and their… Read more »

How to avoid time-wasting clients

One of my readers recently sent me an email suggesting I write a post on how to qualify a new client. Only two weeks into her new career, she’s already encountered a complete time-waster and wanted to share her experience in order to prevent others having the same experience. This is what she told me: