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New eye-opening VA video interview series

I think it’s really important to see what it’s actually like to be a VA so I’ve set up some video interviews with new VAs for you. I want to show potential VAs what life is actually like when you work for yourself, to see that ‘regular’ people can do it and to inspire you to make the leap yourselves. I also want to give existing VAs an insight into how other freelancers work, what tasks they do, who their clients are, how they manage them, how they get them and how much they charge them.

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Replay of the interview and Q&A session with my favourite client

On 11th January I held a live Google Hangouts on Air interview and Q&A session with my favourite client Luan Wise. We did the interview so potential VAs could find out how we work together, what tasks she asks me to do, how I manage her  expectations, what she looks for in a VA and then ask us questions about anything they liked.

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Replay of my first live Q&A session

On the 2nd December I held my first public Google Hangouts on Air Q&A session. I do regular private discussions with my DIY VA course trainees, but they’re in the call with me, we can all see each other and it’s very fun and cosy. This was the first time I was doing it as a broadcast – which meant I was just talking to myself!

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