Now is the best time to become a Virtual Assistant

Why there has never been a better time to be a VA

As you know, the UK is currently going through a period of economic and political uncertainty. This post is not about blame or discussing whether we had this forced upon us or not (I voted remain and I’m sure your Facebook streams are full of anger and confusion already) it’s about moving forward and ensuring you’re in a strong position with a positive future whatever happens.

Personally I am utterly relieved to be a freelancer at the moment. Although I mainly run the VA Handbook now, this opinion would not change in the slightest were I still to be working 100% as a VA.

And this is why:

  • People still have money in economic times of trouble, they’re just more careful where they spend it and they will spend it more wisely.
  • Those people still need work doing (in fact more than ever as they’ll be looking to get more work themselves) and are far more likely to outsource work to contractors instead of hiring employee.
  • My best friend has been made redundant five times. No freelancer has ever been made redundant.
  • Working for yourself means you have twice as many options. Because you have choices you can act when others only have the choice to react.
  • You can get paid in any currency and work anywhere in the world. If you are a good freelancer then you will always get work.
  • In fact other demographics are even more likely to find you appealing if the exchange rate is such that they can now afford you. When some doors close, windows will open.
  • During periods of economic instability, being a freelancer has historically always been a good decision. Freelancers always weather recessions because they’re agile and their options widen instead of narrow.


So my advice to you is, if you’re considering freelancing then don’t put your decision on hold. Now is the time to chase that dream more than ever so can can give yourself choices later. It’s better to know how to be a VA even if you don’t take the action of working as one yet.

At least you have that option if you decide to take it.

And if you’re already a VA then now is a great time to see how you can add more value to your clients, to learn how to market yourself better so you know how to get new clients, and to learn valuable new skills that will expand your options even further and bring more opportunities.

There has NEVER been a better time to work for yourself but you will always do better (at any time, in any place) if you future-proof your business and invest in your future success.

My online DIY VA course covers every single thing you need to set up and run your own Virtual Assistant business. You have lifetime access and complete it alongside your full-time job so you’re not risking anything.

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I think you are right; I’m just setting up a VA business and I’ve had my reservations since the vote, but after reading your article it makes complete sense, so I’m positive and excited about my new adventure. This and many of your other articles have provided great insight and direction in to becoming a VA, thank you!


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