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How to use Pinterest to collaborate with your clients

Although Pinterest is the third most popular social media platform, many people still think it’s just a load of women planning their ideal wedding and designing an imaginary dream home. Although it kind of is (guilty!) it’s also a whole lot more and can even be a great way to share client work and collaborate with your clients.

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How to capture or record your computer screen

Once I needed to remotely show a client how to do a couple of things. My client had lost an email and I thought they might have accidentally clicked the ! icon which means ‘report spam’. So I took a screenshot of my Gmail inbox with this button highlighted in order to ascertain if they had indeed done this – and I actually drew arrows on the screenshot. Here’s how:

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How to share your computer screen using Skype

When I’m trying to talk a client through a task it always helps if I can either see what they’re looking at on their screen or they can see what’s on mine so I can show them what to do. A really easy way to do this is to use the free screen-sharing facility on Skype.

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