Virtual Assistant Looking For New Clients?

Good, because I know how you can get them without even leaving the house!

Over the years I have perfected a way of securing new clients that is so successful, I don't use any other method.

I don't go networking and I don't have any competition. I simply decide who I want to work with and then tell them exactly how I can transform their business and why we'd make the perfect team.

If you're looking to land new clients, I've outlined my process in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide so you can get the same results as I do. I even provide the same email template I use myself.

If you want to pick and choose your clients (without leaving the comfort of your own sofa), you're gonna totally love my guide.

More About My Guide on How to Get New Clients:


This is a proven step-by-step method showing you exactly how to land the type of clients you want to work with.


The guide comes with a real-life case study, screenshots and an easy-to-customise prospect email template.


This technique has earned me thousands of pounds worth of business from some of the best clients I've ever had.


This is the only thing I do when I want a new client. I don't go networking or use any other techniques aside from this one.


My method not only gets you new clients in a short space of time, it constantly lines up potential new ones.


I'm so confident you'll love this guide that I'll happily give you a full refund if you're not entirely satisfied.

£25 - BUY NOW

Happy Buyers

"I have been running my VA business for just over 6 months now and found all the resources offered within The VA Handbook so helpful. I have been looking to gain some new clients that are my kind of clients, last weekend I downloaded Jo’s guide to gaining new clients. I had a particular person in mind that I wanted to contact, so I followed her advice, dropped the lady an email, keeping everything crossed.

Anyway, the lady back to me yesterday saying she was so impressed with my email, that I had taken the time to understand her business and how I could help her, we spoke on the phone for an hour, we left it that she would consider how I could help her and come back to me on Monday. Thirty minutes after our call I had an email from her asking if I could start with her TODAY!! I was blown away and just wanted to share this with Jo.

Thank you so much, the £25 investment in your amazing guide has (after sending just one email) gained me a dream client, on a retainer, starting within 24 hrs of our first contact!"

- Rachel Carter

"I used the template to craft a great prospect email then I sent it earlier this evening before dinner. I was watching TV when I got a phone call - it was this prospective client! He called me a mere two hours after I sent that email! 😮 He had also emailed me "Wow Toks, You sound like the right person at the right time. Admin overload suddenly... so glad you emailed."

It's true that sometimes you send a prospect email and they just ignore you. Other times, it's bingo! I'm pretty sure I've read Jo saying this before but it can actually be quite selfish not to let people know what you do. You don't ask, you don't get, right?"

- Toks Coyle

"I recently purchased Jo's guide on how to get new clients as I need a couple more. One of the people I targeted doesn't need me at the moment, but emailed me back with this: "I just wanted to take a few seconds to compliment you on your most amazing business development email. Specific, friendly and to the point. This is rare and all the more impressive - my best wishes with your business".

I can't take any credit for this as I followed Jo's template email to the letter but think it demonstrates how effective her method is."

- Anna Merall

"Since using Jo's method I have 2 new potential clients within 2 weeks. You won't regret having this guide in your life!"

- Jaqueline Sam

"I've followed this guide to the letter, my exposure has gone through the roof and I've gotten leads thus far. Imagine how much time, money and energy I saved - that was the best money I ever spent!"

- Nourah Mumeen

"Just had a call with a potential client about work in the Autumn. Could be up to 40 hours. This lead was generated from your LinkedIn method!"

- Ruth Bruce

"Hey Jo, just to let you know, in less than a week I've landed a new client! Following your method in the Guide, I made the connection, messaged him on LinkedIn, had a call and now my contract has been signed and returned. I'll be starting work at the rate I've set from Monday. I'm so excited to have this client and will be working on getting more like him."

- Elaine Minnett-Smith

"Jo’s guide has truly changed everything for me and I have potential clients lined up in just the first week of using your method."

- Melissa Nicholson

"I've just been going over Jo's guide and found it really helpful. The guide also explains how to identify new prospects via similar types of clients you've already found on Google, Twitter or whatever platform you're into. I am now feeling really excited about the huge amount of prospective clients I can now stalk!!"

- Rebecca Viale

"Jo's guide on how to find clients is just amazing. It works even when you don't think it is! I recently connected with a potential client on LinkedIn but wanted to give her a little space before emailing her. She beat me to it and found me on Facebook.

She sent me a very nice message introducing herself and explained that she looked at my website and wants to discuss my services. I replied and have just received another message from her saying she wants to talk to see if I can help her sister... BOOM! Invest in the method guys, it works."

- Denise Ritches


"I was on the receiving end of Jo's process. It's faultless!

Jo had obviously done her homework, came gently into my vision via Twitter and then hit me with a lovely email complimenting my website, identifying my pain points (how did she know this I thought!) and then provided me with the perfect answer.

It took only a few minutes to check out what she said in her email was true. Jo was just what I needed, I just didn't know it!"


GDPR Compliant

Although you contact prospects directly, there's absolutely no spamming involved. The guide simply shows you how to decide who you want to work with and then how to find, qualify and contact them.

I explain how to establish an online connection so that when you are ready to get in touch, your prospect feels as if they already know you.

Why I Wrote This Guide

I created this guide because Virtual Assistants can really struggle with marketing which means they often end up taking on every (frequently unsuitable and low-paid) enquiry that comes their way.

Because I had perfected a method of landing exactly the types of people I wanted to work with - one with a 50% success rate that I didn't even have to leave the house for - I thought it might be an idea to share it.

I've learned that it's far better to work with clients who give you enjoyable, well-paid work and are a perfect fit for your business than to take on anything you're offered simply because you need the money... especially when you don't have to.

Choose Your Own Clients.

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