I have a way of finding new clients for my own Virtual Assistant business that works so well, I now don't need to use any other method.
Because I get results every single time I use it, I've written it up as an easy to follow, step-by-step guide so you can use the same system without going through all the time-consuming rigmarole of networking.
If you want to be able to pick and choose your clients without even going anywhere, you're going to love this!


Any VA who wants a proven, tried and tested way of landing a continuous stream of their ideal client.


"I was on the receiving end of Jo's 'how to get a new client' process. It's faultless! 

Jo had obviously done her homework, came gently into my vision via Twitter and then hit me with a lovely email complimenting my website, identifying my pain points (how did she know this I thought!) and then provided me with the perfect answer.

It took only a few minutes to check out what she said in her email was true.  Jo was just what I needed, I just didn't know it! 

I honestly could not run my business without her now. She's always on the ball, always showing me that she's updated with social media changes and helps with ideas as well as efficiently working through set projects and tasks. Jo really is the perfect role model for any wannabe VA."

Luan Wise - Digital Marketer


"Since using Jo's method I have 2 new potential clients within 2 weeks. You won't regret having this guide in your life!" Jacqueline Samm

"I recently purchased Jo's step-by-step guide on how to get new clients as I need a couple more. One of the people I targeted doesn't need me at the moment, but emailed me back with this: "I just wanted to take a few seconds though, to compliment you on your most amazing business development email. Specific, friendly and to the point. This is rare and all the more impressive - My best wishes with your business". I can't take any credit for this as I followed Jo's template email to the letter but think it demonstrates how effective her method is - so I would recommend this guide to all of you." Anna Merall

"I've followed this guide to the letter, my exposure has gone through the roof and I've gotten  leads thus far. Imagine how much time, money and energy I saved - that was the best money I ever spent!" Nourah Mumeen

"Hey Jo, just to let you know, in less than a week I've gotten a new client! Following your method in the Guide, I've made a new connection, messaged him on LinkedIn, had a call and now my contract has been signed and returned. I'll be starting work at the rate I've set from Monday. I'm so excited to have this client and will be working on getting more like him. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement, it has been a huge help." Elaine Minnett-Smith

"Jo’s guide has truly changed everything for me and I have potential clients lined up in just the first week of using this method" Melissa Nicholson 

"I've just been going over Jo's guide and found it really helpful. The guide also goes over how to identify new prospects via similar types of clients you've already found - on Google, Twitter or whatever platform you're into. I am now feeling really excited about the huge amount of prospective clients I can now stalk!!" Rebecca Viale 

"I've managed to sign up a new client today that I found and contacted last week by using Jo's special guide! It's the first time I've been successful with this method, as I only recently really knuckled down to try and get it right this time. And I'm really happy that it's finally worked! All my other clients I've gotten through going to networking events, which I do enjoy. However, they do cost a lot in time, money and effort, and I've been getting too busy to go to some of them as often as I'd like, so it's great to know that I now have another go-to method to help me with finding new clients. Thanks a lot Jo for your advice and support!" Toks Adebanjo

"While I don't want to jinx anything, I have to say that Jo's guide on how to find clients is just amazing. It works even when you don't think it is! I've recently been stalking, err I recently connected with a potential client on LinkedIn, but wanted to give her a little space before emailing her. She beat me to it and found me on Facebook. She sent me a very nice message introducing herself and explained that she looked at my website and wants to discuss my services. I replied and have just received another message from her saying she wants to talk to see if I can help her sister... BOOM! Invest in the method guys, it works." Denise Riches


If you're worried about GDPR, my guide shows you how to use social media (LinkedIn in particular) to locate, qualify and then contact your ideal client. A big part of the method focuses on how to establish an online relationship with them so that when you do contact them, they already feel like they know you.

A Word From The Author

"one of the main things freelancers struggle with is how to get clients - and not just any old client but ones they actually WANT to work with. I love that other VAs get the same results I do with my technique. It's surprisingly simple and logical really, but you do have to follow the steps and you do have to put the work in."