About Me

Hi there, my name is Joanne Munro and I live in Brighton on the south coast of the UK.

I set up my own Virtual Assistant business in 2008 within a week of discovering what one was, chucked in my job in June 2009 to see if I would sink or swim, and now I have an extremely satisfying career and can work from anywhere in the world.

And I set up this site to help you do the same.

We spend over half our lives at work and I firmly believe that if you don’t love what you do, aren’t valued, appreciated, paid well, and professionally fulfilled, then it’s a life half lived. So the goal of this site is to try and educate, support, encourage and cajole you into finding out if freelance life is for you.

There are no longer any rules about how you work and live your life.

As long as you can pay your rent and eat, there’s no reason you can’t do what you want, when you want, where you want and for whomever you want.

I work like this and so do millions of other people. And I see no reason why you can’t as well.

Some other stuff about me

I’m kinda blunt

I’m a no-nonsense, straight-talking kinda gal (okay, sometimes a little untactful) who prefers to get straight to the point without sugar-coating or worrying about egos.

I hope you’ll appreciate my straightforward approach. We’re all busy here and, because I want you to be the very best Virtual Assistant you can, I like to deliver information quickly and directly.

I really like helping people

I give away a ton of free information on this site but some of it is paid. This is because you can’t give everything away, especially if you’ve spent years learning and perfecting it.

I support equality

While I often use my personal social media accounts to share my beliefs and I privately support a number of causes through funding, peaceful demonstration and petitioning, I’d like to clarify my ‘official’ position here as well.

I strongly believe in equality and the right to live without fear of persecution. I am a feminist and I fully support the BAME and LGBTQ communities and the Black Lives Matter movement. I provide equality of services for everyone, regardless of their age, disability, gender, gender identity, race, religion or belief or sexual orientation.

A few toot-toot trumpet blows

  • I occasionally give talks on creating an income from digital products at co-working spaces around the world including ReStation in Gran Canaria and Hubud in Bali.
  • I’ve given presentations and participated in panel discussions at the annual PA Show at London Olympia since 2016.
  • I gave a talk at Life. Time. Value Conference in Brighton on how to sell digital products. (In front of 200 people which is, indeed, as pant-wettingly scary as it sounds.)
  • LeadPages featured the VA Handbook in one of their top 10 best landing pages roundups.
  • The email marketing platform Aweber featured the VA Handbook in one of their monthly highlight roundups.
  • I’ve delivered numerous talks both individually and as part of a panel on how to build a location-independent business.
  • I’ve been interviewed by the Marianne Cantwell from Free Range Humans on how to find and secure new clients.
  • I’ve written a number of articles for publication including one for WiseStamp on how to use social media to land clients.

You can read more about me and what my life looks like by selecting my life category in the sidebar.