Interview with my favourite client the Digital Marketer Luan Wise

Replay of the Q&A interview with my favourite client

On 11th January I held a live Google Hangouts on Air interview and Q&A session with my favourite client Luan Wise. We held the interview so potential VAs could find out how we work together, what tasks she asks me to do, how I manage her expectations, and what clients look for in a Virtual Assistant.

We had both noticed that my trainees and other potential VAs didn’t really know what a ‘real-life’ client looked like and, because they often had the tendency to worry about what a client wanted from them and feel anxious about what to expect, we thought it might be useful to discuss the VA/client relationship.

We wanted to show that a client isn’t scary… nor is she my boss.

We were asked:

– If Luan has ever needed something doing that I couldn’t do
– Whether to contact a prospect in a sector you have no experience in
– What quality Luan seeks most in an outsourcer
– How to engage with an inactive prospect from a shared LinkedIn Group
– How to point out to a prospect that they might need help
– How to contact a prospect if you can’t access their LinkedIn groups
– Whether I’ve ever messed up a task and whether Luan paid me for it
– Where to start with social media
– If Luan would pay me to learn a new skill
– How we feel about using Dropbox and Google Drive
– How to compete with $4 an hour foreign VAs
– Where Luan would look if she needed another VA
– How to get the word out when many people still haven’t heard of VAs
– Whether you should charge by the hour or offer a monthly package
– How Luan feels when I raise my rates
– Whether someone would be put off if they knew they were your first client
– Whether location is an issue
– And loads more!

I intend to do more video sessions in 2016. If you’re on my mailing list then you’ll automatically be emailed event dates, a reminder and a replay, but you can also keep an eye on my Google+ events page to see what’s coming up or go to my YouTube channel to watch any replays.

I’ll also be doing a ‘New VA’ interview series with my ex-trainees to find out how they like being Virtual Assistants and whether freelance life is all they hoped it would be.


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