Want to meet me at the PA Show?

I’m attending the second day of the annual PA Show at London Olympia on 27th February and I’d love to meet you if you’re also going to be there. I’ve been asked to take part in two panel talks but I’m also staying nearby overnight if you’d like a coffee and a chat either at the event or in the pub. Here’s some more info about the show:  

What’s the event about?

The UK VA Conference 2019 is the second day of the annual PA Show (which used to be called ‘The Office Show’). The PA Show takes place on Tuesday 26th February and the VA Conference is the next day on Wednesday 27th.

This is the one I’ll be at.


The entire two-day show is a really popular event in the admin/VA calendar and covers things such as career and skills development, management and leadership and a host of other things.

Day one (PA Day) Tues 26th Feb

There will be sessions covering a multitude of subjects including speedreading, how to mange your manager, the role of the PA in the digital age, mastering Microsoft and Outlook, minute taking, how to get recognition, raising your profile, learning to lead, and adapting to economic changes. There are also quite a few sessions on event management this year.

Day two (VA Day) Wed 27th Feb

There are loads of learning and development sessions aimed at helping you become a better VA. These include info on transferable skills, keeping your VA business on track, communication, Office 365, LinkedIn, OneNote, improving your performance, confidence, and shaping your strategy.

The day begins with award-winning VAs sharing their personal insights on why they set up their own business, and then later there are announcements and an award ceremony.

I’m actually on the panel of judges of the UK VA Awards 

This is pretty exciting and it’s definitely an honour to be asked to be on the panel, but rest assured there is never any favouritism. There are many judges and we’re not allowed to assess any VA with whom we have a close connection. So I don’t vote if any of the nominees are trainees for example.

See all sessions here.

My two panel talks

#MyVAFuture: What should my VA business model be? 10.15am

Discussing the different business models available (sole trader, limited company, freelance, associates, employees, and franchises), myself and the other two panel members will share our experiences via short presentations and then there will be a Q&A session.

My presentation is going to be on my location-independent business model. 

#MyVAVision: Shaping your strategy for your VA business. 3.30pm

This is a chaired panel discussion and Q&A on the types of things VAs should consider in order to thrive and survive in the future. From hashtags and social media services to artificial intelligence and digital nomads, we’re going to debate what we think the future role and services of a Virtual Assistant might be.

Where I’ll be and when:

As mentioned, I’m going to be taking part in the above panel discussions at those times but in between I’ll be wandering around the show and drinking coffee in the Networking Area.

I’ll update the Facebook event so you know what I’m wearing so you can find me if you’re not sure what I look like!

I’ve attended the event for the last few years (mainly just so I can get to meet some of you!), and I really enjoy it. It’s wonderful to put real faces to tiny profile pictures and I really like hearing your stories and how you’re finding freelance life.

After the event

This year I’ve decided to stay near the venue so I can hang out with some of you in a less formal environment as well as meet anyone who isn’t attending the show.

There’s a really nice pub near my accommodation called The Crown and Sceptre (34 Holland Road W14 8BA). I’m not sure exactly what time I’ll be there yet but it will probably around 5pm .

I’ll comment on the event in the Facebook group when I’ve arrived.

Whether you’re attending the show or not, please feel free to swing by the pub and have a chat because it will be absolutely wonderful to meet you.



Hi Jo
I’ll be there too on the 2nd. Hope to catch you at the VA Breakfast Meeting! Looking forward to being there!

Lorraine Kench

I’m coming down that morning, so really hoping not to be too late for the Breakfast panel you’re on (train gets in to Kensington Olympia at 8.55, so I’ll have to sneak in the back!) I’ve booked on the whole conference, but think I will try to get out to see you before you leave in the afternoon. Best of luck for the panel! Looking forward to meeting some other VA Rockstars and to being inspired.

Joanne Munro

Hi Lorraine, I really hope I get to meet you. I’ll be knocking around the show for the rest of the day so do come and find me. Check the FB group and Twitter for my location if you can’t see me though. x

Angie Brown

I’ve booked on to all the VA events including the breakfast. Can’t wait to meet you and my fellow VA Handbook family! See you all soon!! Just purchased a pink lanyard/badge holder (as recommended by Naomi on the event page of VA Handbookers).

Chandra Singh

Hi Jo,

I’ll be attending the Office Show on Thursday 1st of March so look forward to possibly meeting you to have a chat.

Toks Adebanjo

It was lovely to meet you briefly at the show last year. I’m planning to go again this year so should hopefully see you then too. I really enjoyed this event – great networking and picked up lots of good freebies too! 🙂


Hi Jo, this is all so new to me and I have recently found your website and love it!
I will be booking your courses and have also booked my place at The PA Show. Hope to see you there!


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