Business books that have helped my career

These are the books that have helped my freelance career

I love a good business book but I’m reeeeally choosy about what I buy. Because I don’t want you to waste a whole load of time, money and effort picking through various reviews and descriptions, I thought I’d give you a list of the ones I like the most. I own every one of these books and know they will help your career and get you where you want to go.

Business books I heartily recommend

Some business books are fantastic at helping you focus on what you want and showing you what you need to do to get there – and some are an utter waste of time. These are the ones I like the best:

The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to be

I am ALWAYS going on about this book and re-read it all the time. Lent to me by a friend, I actually set up my business within a week of finishing it. I then lent it to someone else and she opened up another shop within a month!

It’s a bit cheesy in places but my God it works. It’s hugely motivational and I reckon there must be some kind of witchcraft going on because things seem to happen to everyone I know who reads it.

The Success principle has so many messages in it that really resounded deeply with me that it changed the whole way I looked at myself and what I could achieve. I actually still apply these principles to my life and I have to say that reading this was the best thing I ever did for my business.

(In fact, I love this book so much I wrote a whole blog post on it.)

This one is non-negotiable. You have to read it or I’m never speaking to you again.

Be a Free Range Human

Written by the inspirational Digital Nomad Marianne Cantwell, Be a Free Range Human tells you how to escape the 9-5, create a life you love and still pay the bills. Her business and brand are really female-friendly and she shows you how to get started for under £100 in 90 days or less. I dip in and out of this book all the time and aspire to have the kind of location-independent life that Marianne does!

This one is really good if you lack confidence.

The Four Hour Work Week

This is a really famous book that I put off reading (because, well, the title sounds like nonsense) but when I did finally read it I was absolutely blown away.

The first bit of the Four Hour Work Week didn’t really apply to me as I already have a freelance business and run my life how I want to, but it made a HUGE difference by making me look at the way I ran my business and what I focused my efforts on.

By using the Pareto Principle and applying Parkinson’s Law, I supercharged my business and my productivity went through the roof. Don’t be put off by the title (you can’t really just work 4 hours) because you will get so much out of this in so many different ways.

This one is a must read and you’ll see why once you start it!

The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure

One of the best things about the 10X Rule book is that the author gives it to you straight by telling you that if you think you’re doing enough to get what you want in your personal or work life then you’re kidding yourself.

He says that most people give three types of action: no action, retreat, or normal action but if you don′t want to settle for the ordinary you need to take Massive Action – otherwise known as the 10 X Rule. He then explains why people get stuck in the first three actions and how to make the 10X Rule a discipline.

This book is a huge reality check and makes you up your game with regards to everything you do.

The Wealthy Freelancer

This book covers everything from how to qualify leads and create alternate streams of income, from how to simplify the process of getting clients and better ways of pricing your services.

This book made me see my options of making money in a different light, and he has a foolproof system for optimising your marketing activities to reflect your specific circumstances and goals.

This one has loads extra ways to make more money you may not have thought about.

 Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

I don’t think there’s anything about Gary Vaynerchuk that I don’t admire. I’ve read a few of his books but Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook was a complete social media game-changer for me and I completely overhauled my entire strategy and delivery after reading this.

Gary explains how you need to deliver the right combination and amount of value-giving, trust-building engagement posts (jabs) before you attempt any sales pitches (right hooks), and that these will differ depending on the platform you’re using. He explains it all and then he shows you how to do it.

If you’re just blindly posting stuff to social media with no overall plan then this is the book for you.

Travel While You Work / Protect Your Tech

Sold as ‘The Ultimate Guide to Running a Business from Anywhere’, Travel While You Work is one of the books that I found the most useful when I started to travel a lot more. The author is a Digital Nomad so she really knows her stuff and she also provides lots of real-life examples of people who run their businesses remotely – even some with small children in tow.

The author also has another book called Protect Your Tech. This one is solely focused on how to ensure you and your client’s info is 100% safe while you travel even when using cloud storage such as Dropbox and Google Drive. I like to think I’m pretty tech-savvy, but there was loads of stuff in this book that I didn’t know about.

If you want to travel while you work and make sure your data is protected then these two are ace.

Relax! It’s Only Social Media

This book was written by the expert Marketer, Luan Wise. Recently engaged by LinkedIn themselves, Luan knows social media marketing inside out so I was really eager to read her new book.

Relax! It’s Only Social Media is a no-nonsense explanation of all the main social media platforms and how to research, evaluate, plan and execute your approach in order to get results.

This is a fantastic introduction to social media if you’re new to the whole thing and don’t know where to start.

Refuse to Choose

Whilst this isn’t actually a business book, it totally changed my life when it came to deciding what I wanted to do career-wise

This book was actually recommended to me by a Career Coach friend a few years ago when I told him that I was interested in so many things that I was finding it hard to decide which one to do as a career. It turned out that I had a ‘Scanner Personality’ which I think is very common for people who want to be Virtual Assistants as the work is so varied.

There are different types of ‘Scanners’ but they usually hate the idea of settling on one career path, have so many ideas and interests they are often frozen with indecision, or they start things but don’t finish them. Discovering I was a Scanner was like being diagnosed and reading this book – which shows you how to do everything you want – was life-changing.

If you think you may have a Scanner Personality then this book will change your life. 


Marina Turion

I am actually reading the Free Range Human book at the moment. It is facinating!


Refuse to choose … yes I think I have a scanner personality, maybe this is why I procrastinate so much … I’ve started more businesses than Richard Branson then get bored, give up and don’t see anything through… I like variety and the thought of being stuck doing the same thing terrifies me! I shall look forward to reading this, thank you ❤️ Ps I’ve only bought the domain name for my website hence the link not working

Geniece Brown

Hi Joanne, “The Wealthy Freelancer” looks to be a great next read for me. I’m currently finishing Ramit Sethi’s “I Will Teach You to Be Rich” and recently ordered Lewis Howes’ “The School of Greatness” so those two will be my last reads for the year.

Putting “The Wealthy Freelancer” on my book ordering list for January 2016. I’ll let know once I get it and any valuable nuggets I get from it. Thanks for the list!!


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