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Join My All Stars Membership Group 

** The All Stars is closed to new members until 9am Mon 27th August **

Packed with great content and the best VA community on the planet, if you want to raise your game and become a better business owner, then add your name to the waiting list and I'll drop you a line when membership reopens.


Training and Coaching

You're taken through a structured plan of training and coaching sessions covering a wide range of different subjects so you can learn new skills to apply to your own business as well as your clients'.


All Star receive exclusive discounts, first dibs on work opportunities, priority access to events, exclusive access to live interviews and Q&A sessions, and my undivided attention and support.

Habit Building and Challenges

Because progress is made through accountability, peer support and repeated actions, we hold regular themed challenges and habit-building sessions so you can improve both your home and work life.

Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

Brainstorm new ideas, get feedback, stay focused and on track. Receive encouragement and support from a close-knit community of likeminded VAs operating at the same level as you.

Not For Beginners

The All Stars is not for someone who is just setting up their VA business. It's for established VAs who have been working for a while and want to invest in their personal and professional development.

Focus on Growth

The purpose of the All Stars is to help you take your VA business to the next level and reach self-appointed goals. Everything about this group is focused on making you a better person and business owner.

Building a Confident Mindset

I focus on helping you build a growth mindset and become a confident business owner. This is done via coaching and learning from the advice and experience of successful freelancers.

Resource Library

In addition to the Facebook community, there's a growing library of training resources, Quick Win videos, templates and documents stored in the website Vault that you can access at any time.


Admissiopn opens: Mon 27th August at 9am
Admission closes: Thursday 30st August at 10pm 
Member welcome and orientation: Friday 31st Aug in the Facebook group
The action starts: Monday3rd Sept in the Facebook group

The next window to join won't open until the end of August

Gear up to move your business forward!


Why did you set up the All Stars?
Although I help people set up their VA business, I didn't have anything for existing VAs who wanted to learn new skills they could apply to their own business as well as their clients'. Posting advanced learning in my other Facebook groups would daunt those just starting out, so I saw a need for a separate training and community hub for non-newbies.

Who is the group for?
Focusing on content, coaching and community. the All Stars is for existing VAs who want to level up by investing in their personal and professional development.

 Is the All Stars very different from your free VA Handbookers Facebook group?
It's VERY different! Although I run the occasional challenge and pop in to answer questions in the Handbookers group, the All Stars have my undivided attention as well as a full programme of training and challenges.

What kind of training is there?
There will be training on a wide range of subjects including finance, SEO, Google analytics, marketing, websites, Facebook ads, social media, CRMs, copywriting, newsletters, blogging, money mindsets, confidence... everything you need to grow your own business and help your clients grow theirs. 

How much is membership?

The All Stars membership group is £45 a month. So that's less than 2 billable hours to be part of an exclusive group of self-motivated VAs all focused on improving themselves and getting sh*t done.

Can I join at any time?
No. Admissions will only open every 3 months. If you miss the window then you'll have to wait another 3 months for it to open again. 

Can I cancel at any time?
Yes, y
ou can cancel your membership at any time but you'll then have to wait for the next quarterly window to open before you can rejoin. I also do not offer refunds as you will have had access to downloads, training and tutorials.

Can I start and stop my membership? 
Yes.You can always sign up for one of the quarterly training sessions then simply cancel your monthly subscription if the next set of training doesn't interest you or you have other obligations. However you won't be able to rejoin the group until the next quarterly window opens and you will pay the current monthly fee. 

How will I know what training you're going to cover?
Everyone on the waiting list will be given details of what training is already in the Vault as well as what's coming up.

Will I have access to previous training sessions? 
Yes. All the previous training sessions are in the online Vault for you to access whenever you want. 

Do I need to be on Facebook?
Yes. The training content will be saved in my Munro Courses website but the action will take place in the Facebook group.

I have a few more questions
No problemo. Email apply@thevahandbook.com and ask away.