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Why LinkedIn is essential for your VA business

LinkedIn is a massive part of all my Virtual Assistant training. In fact it’s so integral to getting work that many of the trainees on my DIY VA course have found clients solely through their LinkedIn profile even though they haven’t even got a website yet. Every professional knows it’s essential to be on LinkedIn but having a great LinkedIn profile is just half of it – knowing how to actually use it is vital.

Why you need a great LinkedIn profile

  • With over 400 million global users, LinkedIn’s sole purpose is to act as a place for people to do business.
  • You can write loads more on your LinkedIn profile than you can on your CV so you can show exactly why someone might want to work with you.
  • LinkedIn groups not only provide a ton of information but are full of people who would hire you, collaborate with you or recommend you.
  • LinkedIn’s SEO is so good that if someone Googles you, your LinkedIn profile will come up at the top of page one before your own website.
  • You can get work just by using your LinkedIn profile.
  • You can’t effectively use my Guide on How to Get New Clients without a good LinkedIn profile – it’s part and parcel of the entire method.

As a Virtual Assistant you need to make sure that when someone looks at your LinkedIn profile they can clearly and quickly see what you do, who you do it for and whether you’re any good – nobody will hire you if they’re not sure why you’re valuable.

How I know LinkedIn gets you clients

1) Because it’s the only method I personally use to find, research and qualify potential clients. It works so well for me that I actually don’t need any more work. But if I did, I’d go straight back to LinkedIn and find one.

2) Because my clients are Digital Marketers and I see them using LinkedIn all day long to raise their client’s profiles and get them work.

LinkedIn is important and you should be getting work from it or you’re not doing it right.

How I can help you get a great LinkedIn profile

I know a ton about LinkedIn, but my main (and favourite) client, a Digital Marketer called Luan Wise (who I actually landed using the method I teach in my guide!!) knows way more about it than me.

An active member and contributor to the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and recently recognised by LinkedIn as one of the top five Marketers in the UK as part of their 2015 #LinkedInBestConnected social campaign, Luan uses LinkedIn to get work for her own clients (who are often huge multinationals) and really knows her stuff.

She also runs private sessions and bootcamp training day courses teaching directors and senior managers how to use the platform to boost their online profile and reputation.

Plus LinkedIn have even engaged her to write and record training sessions for their online learning platform lynda.com!

So she’s pretty darned good!

The fact she’s a LinkedIn expert is also fantastic news for me because I benefit by seeing exactly how she leverages the platform. I can apply this information to my own business and I can also share some of what I’ve learned with you.

Because having a professional LinkedIn profile is such an important part of being a freelancer, building your brand, showcasing your experience and getting work, I asked Luan if she could create some LinkedIn training courses for you.

And she did!

Why every VA needs to be on LinkedIn

What the LinkedIn training courses cover

What Luan doesn’t know about LinkedIn isn’t worth knowing so her courses are really comprehensive and easy to use. You work through a series of modules that take you though every step of building your profile.

Each module then ends with an assessment so you can recap, monitor your progress and move on to the next stage.

Here’s a brief outline of Luan’s LinkedIn courses:

Introduction to LinkedIn course

  • LinkedIn facts and stats and key benefits
  • Types of accounts
  • Jargon buster (what it all means)
  • Before you start editing your profile (what to turn on and off)
  • Building your profile (Everything you need to do and write in every section)
  • Advice on the background image and your profile photo
  • How to write a compelling Headline
  • How to write a fantastic Summary section
  • Skills, Endorsements and Recommendations (what to write and how to both give and get them)
  • Profile, communication, account, and privacy settings (how to control what others see)
  • Groups, Companies and Applications
  • Activity broadcasts (what to write and who gets to see it)
  • Actions from your homepage and managing updates

So everything really!

LinkedIn Groups

  • Different types of groups
  • The key benefits of using LinkedIn groups
  • Finding and evaluating groups
  • How to decide which groups to join
  • Defining your goals,
  • How to find and engage with group discussions
  •  Visibilty and contact settings
  • Invitation and notification settings
  • Best practice
  • Advanced use

Building Your LinkedIn Network

  • The etiquette of making connections
  • How to define your LinkedIn connection strategy
  • How to find people to connect with on LinkedIn
  • How to manage LinkedIn invitation requests
  • How to remove connections

LinkedIn Search

  • How to use Basic Search
  • How to use Advanced Search
  • How to use Boolean Search
  • How to use Saved Search
  • How to set up saved searches and receive a regular pipeline of new contacts

LinkedIn Company and Showcases pages

  • What LinkedIn Company Pages and Showcase Pages are
  • How to set both of them up
  • How to share content on them
  • How to measure your performance

How it works

Once you click to buy any of her e-learning training courses, you’ll receive a payment receipt and a confirmation email with a link to the training site and your login details. This should be done really quickly but please allow up to 24 hours as you have to be manually enrolled.

You then work through each module and assessment at your own pace. You have 6 months to complete the course, but if you haven’t finished and you’re nearing your deadline, Luan will drop you a line to remind you.

Use the promo code JOJOMUNRORO at checkout to receive a £10 discount on your shopping cart.


LinkedIn has been vital to the success of my business. Having a professional online portfolio is a necessity and LinkedIn is a free platform that provides everything you need to achieve maximum exposure, gain valuable contacts, build strong connections and get clients.

But you simply must have a decent profile if you’re going to use it!

So whether you stumble through the process by yourself trying to learn everything you can from various online places, or you decide to go for the courses I’ve had created for you – get yourself over to LinkedIn now and get cracking!

If you are interested in buying one of Luan’s LinkedIn courses then click here to read more testimonials and access the online training.


Tanya Marno

Hi Jo,
I have found you and this website to be inspirational in the setting up of my business so thank you kindly!
May I just ask – which Linkedin package do you recommend?
On the premium there is the Business Plus and then the Sales Nav packages. They are expensive yet perhaps entirely essential. Can you advise?
Thank you

Ekom Nancy

Hi Jo
I live in Nigeria and I’m a preschool teacher with an averagely built and well connected LinkedIn profile. Do I need to build a new profile or just re-edit the current account? Please help…

Joanne Munro

I Don’t know Nancy. I don’t review profiles but you would probably just need to edit the current one. I have some LinkedIn training courses if you want to make sure your profile is perfect though. x

Deborah Hoult

I’ve just completed the LinkedIn course by Luan after having also read Jo’s guide to getting clients. Although I have used LinkedIn for a while, the course gave me a really thorough insight into how I now need to use it PROPERLY and how to tailor my use for my business. I am now excited to take my LinkedIn use to the next level, plan my posts, get involved in groups and GET CLIENTS.
Without the course, undoubtedly I would have been floundering about half-heartedly. I now have the tools to move forward with a structured plan for my LinkedIn strategy.
Thanks to both Luan and Jo for their excellent courses.


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