How to build a WordPress website in an afternoon

As you may know, I use a tech wizard called Jenny Hume (AKA Webtech Wonder Woman) to create lovely simple and affordable websites for new VAs who either don’t have the time or know-how to make one themselves. Well Jenny has now created a DIY course so you can build your own WordPress website in just one afternoon and then offer it as a service. And the first part is FREE!

She’s made the process super easy. There’s no impenetrable jargon, no assumed level of knowledge and no coding – just easy to follow screenshots that walk you through each step and that you can refer back to later.

Plus, not only can you use the course details to set up your own website – you can then go on to offer it as a service!

The only way you can ever break out of the hourly rate trap is by offering set price services and, once you’ve created a website for yourself, you’ll then have a skill you can keep on using throughout your career.

What the course covers

The first part of the course is free and then you can pay to upgrade if you want to continue and find out more.

The (free) first part covers:

  • What is a website and do you need one?
  • Domains and hosting explained
  • Buying your domain
  • Setting up your hosting
  • Installing WordPress

The second part covers:

  • Clearing the dashboard, removing pre-installed plugins and permalinks
  • What plugins are and how to install them
  • Backing up and checking for broken links
  • How to keep your site speedy, safe from hackers and obliterating spam
  • Optimising images
  • Social media integration
  • Choosing fonts and formatting text
  • Adding categories, tags and featured images
  • Words, pictures and pages
  • Organising your site with a menu
  • Website care checklist: checking backups, updates, fixing broken links, removing spam comments and how to scan for nasties
  • Themes and widgets
  • Business email addresses
  • How to make a header for the Twenty Twelve Theme

Use the special VA Handbook discount code VAHBJO to get £100 off if you upgrade!

Offering your new skill as a service

Knowing how to build a website is great way of making more income. Jenny charges VA Handbook readers £475 to create a personal VA website for them (like the one she shows you how to build in the online course), so you can easily charge clients at least £300 – £400 for doing the same.

You can also offer the website set-up as a one-off, fixed price service and then offer to maintain and update the site on a regular ongoing monthly retainer.

If you do decide to offer website set up as a service, it’s important to make sure the client knows what they will and won’t get as part of the price.

As with most fixed-price services (event coordination, logo design, copywriting etc), if you’re not clear about what’s included, then you could end up with a client who thinks you’re building a bells and whistles Amazon-style website for less than £500.

So be very clear about what features your price does and doesn’t include.


Quite a lot of my trainees have bought Jenny’s course and this is what two of them have to say:

“The course is informative, quirky and amusing (rather like Jenny!). It’s such a refreshing change to read something ‘original’ in that it sounds like an actual person’s voice and has a friendly tone. I like the way Jenny breaks stuff down and translates things into easy to understand terms. She writes pretty much like how she speaks: so if you have ever spoken to her, it’s literally like having her there to explain how to do it!” Kate O’Brien 

“I think the course is brilliant! I set up the bare bones of my site over the course of a couple of hours, then spent time refining it and playing around with the look and different features. It was great to be able to get going quickly and fulfilling to do it on my own. I’m really glad I bought the course and feel it was definitely money well spent. It’s something that I am going to have at my side when I work through my website and I can see already that I’ll be dipping into it regularly over the next couple of years as I keep changing and refining my site.” Kirsty Lyons 


  • Click here to go to Jenny’s site and read more about her DIY WordPress course.
  • Click here to read how Jenny can build you a clean and stylish WordPress website in under a week.
  • Click here if you’re looking for a good hosting company for your website.
  • Click here if you want to ensure your WordPress website SEO means you’re on the first page of Google for your local area.

Some of these products/services are affiliates which means I will get a small fee if you buy them. Please note that my reputation is extremely precious to me and I only recommend products that I know are awesome and will help you.

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Helen Green

Just buying this course now. I’ve set up my website but am heeding your advise about being able to sell this as service. Thanks JO.


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