Daily Archives: Tuesday, March 10, 2015

How to drive traffic to your Virtual Assistant website

When I first started out I had the most basic of websites (and in West Ham football colours I later discovered!) but I needed people to come to it so they could see how amazing I was and hire me. I had no clue about SEO or marketing, my old Developer had created the site in Dreamweaver which I think went out with the dinosaurs, I had no niche, no clue about what I was doing and nobody knew where to find me.  So how did I get traffic to my website?

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Is your website an abomination?

Your website is pretty important. It acts as a ‘shop window’ for your business and if it’s really shonky then potential clients will think you’re really shonky too. I’ve seen some truly shocking VA websites, so read my post, find out if yours might be one of them, then calmly but quickly log in to your site and tart it up immediately!

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